PEMBELAJARAN PENDIDIKAN AGAMA ISLAM MULTIDISPLINER (Dialektika Konsep Pendidikan Berbasis Agama dan Budaya)

  • Septyana Tentiasih
  • Maftuhah
  • Suharsono
Keywords: Pembelajaran, Pendidikan Agama Islam, , Multidisipliner


The purpose of this study is to examine multidisciplinary Islamic education in the
dialecta of the concept of religion and culture-based education from the first side, the
importance of multidisciplinary learning in the context of Islamic education and the
second, through this approach can help students understand religion and culture
holistically. The research method used in this research is a type of qualitative research
using a library research approach. The results of the research are that multidisciplinary
Islamic Education learning is an approach that combines several disciplines in one
scientific family to study the problems that exist in Islamic education. The purpose of
this multidisciplinary approach is to add studies so that what is studied is more accurate
by using various points of view. The relationship between religion and culture is very
strong. A teacher must emphasize that culture has an important role in human life and
explain which cultures are good and which are bad that must be adopted in the process
of learning Islam.